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Week 7, Fall 2023: Midterm Exams

ACE Study Tip of the Week

1. Take advantage of your professor’s office hours to ask questions & obtain clarity on the given subject.

2. Do not skip a review class. This usually takes place during the class before the actual test.

3. Never cram for a test, it doesn’t work. Study in spaced-out chunks of 60 minute sessions of 3 activities for 1 course (read, review notes, solve problems, review slides, etc.)

4. Stop checking your smartphone’s social media apps.

5. Study in groups, gain additional perspectives on material & enjoy studying with a group.

6. Eliminate stress by striving to be organized & focused on your midterms. When overwhelmed, take a break or workout.

7. Maintain a healthy diet & get enough sleep.

8. Practice tests have proven to be the best way to study.

9. Use this link to view a video on studying for tests.

Good luck,

Audrey Zenner
Academic Center for Excellence (ACE)