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Week 9, Fall 2023: Study Strategies

ACE Study Tip of the Week

  • Do not take notes on material discussed in your textbook. Just highlight these topics & make note on how your professor explains the material.
  • Notes should be written as very short prompts; complete sentences are not necessary.
  • If your professor repeats something more than two times, there is a strong likelihood it will be on a quiz/test.
  • Bold print vocabulary in the textbook is very important.
  • For each hour of a lecture, you should study 1 – 3 hours before the next class. Review your notes & assignments, read the textbook, use the CD that may come with the book, & search the Internet for additional information.
  • Studying takes priority over everything else! This is your full-time job. Enjoy social activities one day of the weekend.
  • At times, study groups can help tremendously. Plus, you will be socializing with classmates.

Good luck,

Audrey Zenner
Academic Center for Excellence (ACE)