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Week 14, Fall 2023: Finals

ACE Study Tip of the Week

Rotate study settings: Avoid studying in the same place every day/night. According to the New York Times, by alternating rooms your retention improves. The brain makes subtle connections between what it is studying & background sensations it has at the time. Time management: Cramming produces anxiety & lowers your brain’s ability to retain information. By creating a balanced study strategy & schedule, you will be able to study each course completely boosting your test performance.

Avoid all-nighters: It’s just a bad idea. Research shows all-nighters weaken reasoning & memory for days. Get a good night’s sleep & expect to perform better on tests. By reviewing the hardest material just before sleep the night before the test, it’s easier to recall the material during the exam.

MAXIMIZE practice testing: Practice testing through flashcards and/or practice exams.

Good luck & have a nice Thanksgiving holiday break!

Audrey Zenner
Academic Center for Excellence (ACE)