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Week 12, Fall 2023: Reading Textbooks

ACE Study Tip of the Week

  • If the textbook is confusing, read a simplified version first (a review book or an online summary).
  • Focus on objectives listed on the syllabus or textbook.
  • Look for the big picture & analyze how various details fit into it.
  • Talk to yourself as you read, constantly paraphrasing the material:  Oh, I see, she's saying ______________.
  • Stop at the end of a paragraph or section to write a note in the margin of your textbook or notebook. Only note what is new to you & also important.
  • Focus on & explain to yourself (as if you are teaching yourself) all diagrams, charts, examples, & formulas.
  • Reading may take longer than you expect. It might take an hour to truly understand 5 pages, & you may have to read some material twice.

Good luck,

Audrey Zenner
Academic Center for Excellence (ACE)