Study tip of the Week

Study tip of the Week

Study Tip of the Week


ACE Study Tip of the Week

Reading Textbooks

  • If you find the textbook confusing, read a simplified version first (a review book or an online summary of the material). This will help you move through the course material more quickly and with better comprehension.
  • Focus on objectives listed on the syllabus or in the textbook.
  • In critical reading, we look for the big picture and analyze how the various details fit into it.
  • Talk to yourself as you read, constantly paraphrasing the material:

Oh , I see, she's saying ____.

  • Stop at the end of a paragraph or section to write a note in the margin of your textbook or notebook. Only note what is new to you and also important.
  • Focus on and explain to yourself (as if you are teaching yourself) all diagrams, charts, examples, and formulas. These are often the heart of your text.
  • Reading may take longer than you expect. It might take an hour to truly understand five pages, and you have to read some of the material twice.


For additional help with reading, use this link.